Rallycross is a motor racing event where modified cars race against each other on mixed surfaces, mostly asphalt and dirt roads.
Rallycross cars are similar to Rally cars, but instead of racing against the clock, 2, 4 or 6 cars race each other on a tight and twisty course, filled with jumps, making for many thrills and spills.
A typical Rallycross event will comprise of a series of short races, normally between 4 – 6 laps, with races lasting about 5 – 8 minutes each, and each driver will bring their own unique skillset to the event, adding to the entertainment factor.
Rallycross originated in the UK as a made-for-TV sport in the late sixties, and arrived in Australia in 1969 for a one-off meeting at Leppington in NSW.
Today Rallycross is a global sport, with the highest level being the World Rallycross Championship, a series that spans 12 countries, and sees some of the sport’s leading names. Names that include WRC and Dakar legend Sebastian Loeb, Mattias Ekstrom and Hoonigan superstar Ken Block.


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Each class has three 4 lap heats, with each competitor’s best two overall race times used to determine their grid position for the finals.
This means that the heat results are critical to gain a good starting position for the finals, and it inspires the competitors to be on song right off the bat.Competitors have a lot to play for in the heats, creating plenty of action.
If for example, a competitor has “banked” 2 good heat results, then they can go wild in the 3rd heat to improve their position in the final. Or a competitor could go hard early in the heats, taking risks to get a good finals position.


The Joker Lap is unique to Rallycross and helps make this extreme motorsport exciting. In each race, each competitor is required to use the Joker Lap once only. The Joker Lap can be shorter or longer than a normal lap, and can be raced on gravel or tarmac, really mixing up results.
If used smartly, the Joker Lap can allow a competitor to make up a lot of ground, and get right back in the running after an early “off”.


The best 8 race times in each class go into the final, which is run over 6 laps. There is a B final for positions 9-16 from the heats in each class. Series points are awarded from the finals.


The Super Final is for the best 8 race times from all the different class finals. The Super Final can pit 4wd against 2wd, Production cars against Open class cars - the Super Final is based purely on race speed from the finals.
Competitors who get to the super final from their B Final get bonus points for their Super Final result. This gives a competitor who misses their main final the opportunity to make up points, gives them plenty to race for in their B final and keeps the series points lively.


The Rallycross Australia Championship is divided into five classes, Juniors, 2wd Open and Production and 4wd Open and Production.
All drivers will receive points, with the winner gaining 50 points, second will get 45, third will get 40, 4th gets 35 and so on. The driver with the most points at the end of the season will be declared champion.


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